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FCI: A Data Workshop for Decision Makers, December 7, 2006

Webcast Materials

   Workshop Agenda

Archived Video

   First Morning Session 1:14 (Will open in Real Player)
   Second Morning Session 1:19 (Will open in Real Player)
   Afternoon Sessions 1:52 (Will open in Real Player)

Powerpoint Presentations

   Session 2: Why we are here ... the Genesis of the FCI initiative (208K)
   Session 3: FCI Jumpstart to The Toolkit Measures (448K)
   Session 4: Data: Telling the Story ... A Walk Through Meaningful Data Analysis (828K)
   Session 6: Next steps to Forming a Collaborative Data Project in Your State (164K)


   Overview of FCI
   FCI Biographies
   NCJFCJ: What you Count Counts
   Packard Measures in Existing Datasets Handout
   Sample Data Use Agreement
   Stats for Chatham County
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