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Getting Started: Free Services

FCI is committed to supplying courts and agencies with basic outcome data free of charge. Grants from The Pew Charitable Trusts, the State Justice Institute and the Barton Foundation provided FCI with funding necessary to the start up of this project and test it in several pilot states. As a result, there is no fee for the standard FCI website to be developed and maintained for a state. Services that are provided at no cost include:

  • Development of AFCARS and NCANDS measures that are part of the 'standard' FCI website;
  • Logistical work to get the data sharing agreement signed;
  • Introductory conference calls to discuss the project;
  • One engagement meeting via conference call with the key stakeholders to review the data on the website and discuss how it can be used;
  • Answer of basic questions related to the data and;
  • Update of the data on the website biannually.
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