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Getting Started: Enhanced Services

Although many of the services offered by FCI are at no cost, there are some services available that require a fee. FCI staff has extensive knowledge and experience in both the judicial and child welfare systems. FCI staff can draw upon their expertise to offer training, consultation and technical assistance in a number of areas based upon each state's unique needs and circumstances.

  • CFSR Measures

    For a small subscription fee, states can view the measures that the federal government uses to evaluate a state's performance on the Child and Family Services Review. A state's FCI website can be developed so that they can view all of the individual indicators that go into composite scores at a county level. Although the CFSR measures on the FCI website may not be identical to the federal findings, it provides child welfare agencies with an excellent gauge of their performance related to the CFSR measures. This technology can greatly assist states in preparing for their federal review as well as monitoring the impact of implementing various systemic changes at a county and state level. The CFSR measures will be produced bi-annually as the new AFCARS data are submitted.

    Cost: Annual subscription fee of $5000

    Subscription fee includes: running the measures with the state specific data, answering basic questions regarding the measures, and re-running the measures if errors are identified with the data.

  • Changes to the 'Standard' Website

    FCI can change the 'standard' template used for FCI (i.e. add new measures, delete existing measures, or redefine measures currently on the website) at a state's request.

    Cost: $180 per hour. *FCI will provide a proposed total amount once the alterations to the website have been clearly defined.

  • Creation of Judicial/County Profiles

    Charts and tables from the website along with the addition of a few national and comparison charts are put into a power point slide presentation. The power point presentation is done in a format that is easy to understand a county/judicial district's current performance, trend performance, and performance compared to other county/judicial districts within the state as well as outside the state. The power point template would be individualized for the specific jurisdiction. Examples of this type of profile can be observed for Georgia or Missouri.

    Cost per profile: $2,000.

  • Technical Assistance

    Technical assistance will vary based on the state's specific request for services. Examples of technical assistance that could be provided include: in depth discussion about the data findings and possible contributing factors, comparison of the FCI data with internal data sources, and meetings with groups within the state to discuss the website and/or data. Technical assistance can be done remotely or in person.

    Cost: $150 per hour. FCI will provide a proposed total amount once the technical assistance has been clearly defined.

  • Training

    FCI staff can offer on-site training as well as remote web-based training. The cost of the training includes discussions with the state regarding content, development of training material, and the actual training of the material. Based upon the state's need, a two or six hour training curriculum can be developed. The two hour curriculum is primarily a lecture with review of the data. This training can be completed remotely using web-based software programs. The six hour curriculum contains modules in addition to the overview of the data. There are numerous modules that states can chose from which will then be adapted to their specific needs. Due to the nature of this training, it can not be completed remotely. The costs for the training are listed below:

    Two hour remote training:     $900
    Two hour in person training:     $1,200 + travel costs
    Six hour in person training:     $3,450 + travel costs
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